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Governor General Announces Patron

28th August 2013
By Eric Bickerton

Governor General Announces Patron On Tuesday 23 July 2013, Her Excellency the Governor-General of Australia Quentin Bryce announced Captain Richard De Crespigny as the first Patron of DisabledWinterSport Australia.

The announcement was made at a ceremony at Government House, Canberra attended by many DWA life members including DWA foundation member Ron Finneran, the DWA board of directors, DWA Ambassador and Australia’s first female Winter Paralympic Games medalist, Jess Gallagher (Vancouver 2010) and members of the Australian Winter Paralympic Preparation team.

Richard de Crespigny is credited with saving the Qantas A380 crippled by an engine explosion near Singapore in 2010. He has since authored the highly acclaimed QF32 recounting his experience.

A passionate skier and former Royal Australian Air Force pilot  who once represented the Royal Australian Air Force ski team, Captain de Crespigny told guests at Government House  “ I am committed to give back to society and  I am proud to have the opportunity to join the DWA family and its volunteers and play my part in this inspiring organisation which has been championing its members' confidence and courage for more than 35 years”. 

More… read about Richard de Crespigny, see event photos
              go to Government House Canberra website to see photo story of 23 July Patron Announcement  http://www.gg.gov.au/events/morning-tea-disabled-wintersport-australia

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